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Division of Planning and Academic Cooperation

The main tasks of the Division of Planning and Academic Cooperation are assisting teachers and students in academic related activities and to manage N.T.O.U. exchanges with domestic partner institutions.

Details are as follows:

●University affairs database collection and submission for the ranking organizations of the world universities.

●Administrative works for the council of school development and planing.

●Works pertaining to the expansion of academic programs.

●Countil of research development, Council of school consultation.

●Cooperation and project applications between our schools and the league of other universities.

●Encourage and recruit outstanding teachers and scholars.

●Management of the research centers in the Office of Research and Development (ORD).

●Application of president research equipment.

●System platform of incentive research subsidy and maintaining the web of ORD.

●Data statistics and analyses of research projects.

●Administrative works of “Contribution Award for the Oceans” and “UNION-TECH” lecture.



Professor Huei-Fen Chen

Extension: 2260

E-mail: diopside0412@yahoo.com.tw

1. Supervise the division of funding and project management.

2. General affairs management for the Division of Planning and Academic Cooperation.

Li-Zai Chuang


E-mail: uccclt@email.ntou.edu.tw

1. Edit the university’s five-year development project and report (KPI index).

2. Surveys, data-collections, and submission of the World University ranking.

3. Works pertaining to the expansion and revoking of academic programs.

4. Enrollment quota management and application.

5. Compile the annual finance planning report of NTOU.

6. Affairs of NTOU Sustainable Development Goals.

7. Other tasks assigned.

Yuan-Hsin Shu

Extension: 2262

E-mail: illi40907@email.ntou.edu.tw

1. Arrange administrative works within the School Affairs Advisory Committee.

2. Arrange administrative works within the Council on School Development.

3. The affairs of the subsidized students from the funding of NSTC and our school to attend international conferences and present papers.

4. The affairs of subsidy for oversea teaching and research from our school and non-NSTC units

5. Selection activities, award announcements, and applications for various academic research prizes from non-NSTC systems.

6. Applications for faculty exchange program to sister Universities abroad.

7. Compile the meetings and reports assigned by the division.

8. Other tasks assigned.

Bunny Cheng

Extension: 2282

E-mail: bunny@mail.ntou.edu.tw

1.Affairs of the research centers for the Office of Research and Development (ORD).

2.Application of President research equipment grant.

3.Announcement and Application for recruiting outstanding researchers (EX. Yushan Fellow Program, Young Scholars, Visiting Professors…)

4. Affairs of academic ethics & Research Integrity.

5. Affairs of selection and awards ceremony for “Contribution Award for the Oceans”.

6. Affairs of “UNION-TECH” lecture.

7. Other tasks assigned.

Chun-Tse Deng

Extension: 2281

E-mail: kamenpayu@email.ntou.edu.tw

1. Plan and deliberate academic program cooperated with other domestic academic or research Institutions, raise meetings about exchange of researches, result presentations, and call for proposals.

2.League of University System:  contact person, program planning, deliberating, and calling for proposals.

3. Domestic cooperation affairs, including signature of school-level MOU, arrangement of ceremonies and guest visiting

4.Arrange meetings between the Mayor of Keelung City Government and President of NTOU.

5.Receive and announce official documents from other Institutions.

6.Part-time students, office property, and general affairs management.

7. Other tasks assigned.

Hsuan-Ming Chen


E-mail: sanmin@mail.ntou.edu.tw

1. Excellent award competitions of collaborative projects from the funding of outside school.

2.Affairs of faculty encouragement program for academic research papers and Pei Hua academic research award.

3.Subsidiesof paper publishing for teaching and research faculties.

4.Subsidies for undergraduate and master students to publish papers in international journals.

5. Arrange administrative works within Academic Reward Committee.

6. Affairs of encouragement and recruitment of outstanding teachers and scholars.

7. Establishment and maintenance of project management and encouragement subsidy computer system of the ORD.

8. Upload and consolidate statistics for Ministry of Education higher education school affairs database.

9.Assist in providing review data for delay retirement, promotion, and appointment of special professor.

10.Allocation and calculation of management fees for departmental collaborative education programs.

11.Data and statistics collection for “Taiwan Institute of Economic Research”, and application for the “Chinese Institute of Engineers awards”.

12. Other tasks assigned.