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Center of Research Vessel Management

R/V New Ocean Researcher 2 (R/V NOR2)


The research vessel, New Ocean Researcher 2 (R/V NOR2), has been operated by the National Taiwan Ocean University since its launching on Feb.27, 2019. She and her sister vessel, R/V NOR3, were designed in Taiwan and built at Kaohsiung under the funding from the National Science Council.

Center for Research Vessel Management (CRVM)


CRVM was established in 2003. The objects of CRVM include the perfection of the teaching and research activities, as well as the integration of resources, management, and operation of the oceanic vessels in NTOU. With the establishment of CRVM, we hope to enhance research and teaching qualities, and to provide training to researchers of the next generation.

CRVM Missions:

  1. Setting up management regulations for research vessels.
  2. Helping conduct research projects.
  3. Budgeting the expenses of the research vessels.
  4. Providing storage and maintenance services for equipment, instruments, and research vessels.

CRVM Members:

CRVM consists of one director, thirteen crew members, three scientific technicians, a superintendent, a port engineer, and two executive assistants.

Objectives and Characteristics

The Center for Research Vessel Management was established in 2003 under the Office of Research and Development. The main objective of the center is to be in charge of managing properly the operation of the oceanographic research vessel, New Ocean Researcher 2 (R/V NOR2), and to provide a secure, convenient and neat environment for researchers. Besides, the center also bears a mission in four principal roles.

  1. Introduce new marine instruments to researchers.
  2. Integrate related marine research resources.
  3. Administrate the operation of the research vessel efficiently.
  4. Promote the marine research level.


R/V NOR2 has advanced marine equipment and observation system, including Acoustic Doppler current profiler, Underwater navigation system (USBL), Multi-beam echo sounder, Single-beam echo sounder, Sub-bottom profiler, Acoustic synchronized unit, Motion sensors, etc .. In addition, the research vessel is also equipped with wire winches (Multifunction crane, Portable winch CTD winch and A-frame, Deep sea winch, etc.), which can be used for plankton trawling and various towing instruments.


R/V NOR2 provides versatile services. It has been used for inter-university teaching and ocean drilling but also for marine research. R/V NOR2 provides service not only for domestic projects but also for international cooperative programs. It has been widely used by domestic and abroad oceanographers for marine research including physical, chemical, biological and geological studies.